Honoring Our Ancestors 

The Original Stewards of the Land



Our Chumash ancestors have been the caretakers

of this treasured land for over 8,000 years.  Living in perfect harmony with all that exits. This way of life  was sacred to them, they called the land their Mother her name is Hutash. They were her children and they loved her and took care of her, in return she gave them all they needed to enjoy life.

Our founding member Marissa "Senuie Velez is one of the direct descendants of Chief Beato Temicucat 1742-1821 from the Chumash Gaviota coastal village of Kuyamu & Mikiw.  Today it is know as Dos Pueblos Ranch.


Mikiw and Kuyamu Villages “Dos Pueblos Ranch is where my 6 great grandfather, Chief Beato Temicucat was born along with his clan and generations of my tribal ancestors are buried. This land is sacred, holy ground to me my family and my  Chumash relatives. 


Dos Pueblo Ranch and Naples are historically one, inseparable, and imbued with profound spiritual significance to the Chumash people and my family linage.”  


Marissa Senuie Velez 

Apanish Foundation: Co Founder/Cultural Resource Director

Senuie & Aleqwel _ Mikiw Village
Apanish Dancers
Nez Perce Honorable Maiden
Maria Candelaria Velenzuela
Grandfather Semu
Kuyamu Village Discedants
Dos Pueblos Ranch Chumash Families
The Founders

Marissa Velez and her Husband Aleqwel Mendoza a Chumash Traditional dancer our both the founding chief architects and we being caring the torch for this foundation into the next generation. 

Marissa "Senuie" Velez Co- Founder & Cultural Education Director

 As Apanish Foundation's Cultural Activities Director Marissa will be applying who vast knowledge of Chumash Material culture and expertise in childhood early development towards Cultural Education,  health and nutrition. Marissa will also assist in our Education public outreach programs where the Apanish foundation will be traveling to public and private schools. The outreach program will be introducing our eco guardianship program and to share our Chumash maritime history and traditional practices of earth stewardship.


As the Executive Director of the Apanish Foundation, Aleqwel Mendoza will apply his specialty skills in business organizational development, strategic planning, impact investment , branding, marketing advertising design, information technology, film production, sustainable development, environmental restoration, curriculum development, material culture artistry, cultural trade economics and "Heritage Industries". 


Hector Perez-Pacheco - Government Relations and Advocacy

Mr Perez- Pacheco the Apanish Foundation tribal ambassador to government officials and agencies, locally and nationally, He will be offering his 2o years of experience and expertise in pubic policy, public relations marketing,

public speaking and community resource development. 

Dr. Layan Said - Soil Physicist, Integrator Scientist, Executive Director Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources

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Board, Staff & Committee Members

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We will be updating this section on the 28th of February 2020 with our newly appointed board and committee directors.  Currently we are in the process of expanding our board, staff, advisory board and committees.

Building our dream team: The Apanish Foundation  employs the best of breed talent within our community with specialized expertise in indigenous earth stewardship, earth sciences, cultural resource management and community leadership building.


If you would like to find out more information about becoming a team member or would like to volunteer please email us at: apanishvillage@gmail.com