Our stories, places of cultural practice, villages, places of creation, and religious locations define not just our usage and worldview but it also allows us to have an intimate relationship between space and time (Ceremony) .  This gives us our Cultural Identity and how we choose to idenitify ourselves. Our cultural and ritual practices connects us to that place. As the original caretakers of this land we understand the conection between all living things. Our practice of culture is not something rooted in the past. It is a living, breathing, interactive part of modern society.

Today the modern Chumash still practice and celebrate the old ways and traditions of their ancestors. 

The Apanish Foundation has been an active facilitator and supporter of the Chumash Cultural Arts and Material Culture that is being created today by the living descendants of the original first peoples of California's Channel Islands.  . 


The SMU'WICH Artist Guild is a collective of Chumash artist, singers, dancers, storytellers and entrepreneurs   The Guild will provide an internship/mentorship program that introduces Chumash culture through the arts, while creating a shared economy for it’s members

 Chumash & Maori Cultural Exchange Ceremony



Cultural Chumash Immersion Programs

Chumash "Royal Diggers" singing welcome songs and sharing Chumash history at the Syuk'tun story circle, Cabrillo Blvd Santa Barbara CA.

Teshna Mendoza of the Apanish Foundation & Desiree Sanchez Santa Barbara Chumash Youths. Being interviewed by FNX TV Channel at Wishtoyo Foundations 20th annual anniversary celebration.

FNX | First Nations Experience is a nationally distributed TV channel exclusively devoted to Native American and World Indigenous content. FNX originates from the studios of KVCR-PBS in San Bernardino, CA.

Apanish Singers opening up the Gaviota Coast Conservancy screening benefit fund raiser.

Host at Sandslot Santa Barbara CA. Movie Screening of the Gaviota Movie. 

Native American educators sharing history, culture and their spiritual ways of life.