Our Earth Stewardship Programs will include the following:

Will be supporting various local kids educational programs and public schools along with introducing the Eco-Guardians Society. The Eco-Guardians are members and volunteers who have completed our Earth Stewardship training programs.

• Documenting information on areas of environmental and tribal importance.  Identifying locations and types of significant archaeological and cultural resources is essential to the preservation of one of our most valued treasures the Gaviota Coast. Chumash Original Village Place Names and Locations:   Noqto, Shilimasqshtus (Jalama State Beach), Shisholop( Point Conception , Kashtayit, Onomyo, Shisshuch'i', Qasil (Refugio State Beach) Mikiw and Kuyamu-Dos Peublos Ranch, He'lapunitse ( Tecote Canyon-Barcara Beach Resort, Helo, S'axpilil, Alkash, Heliyik ( Goleta Slough and the wetlands)  Syuktun (Santa Barbara, Burton Mound) Shalawa ( Hammonds meadow) Q'oloq',  Mishopshno ( Carpintera State Beach) , Shuku, Shisholop (Ventura) 


• Re-introduction of indigenous botanical ecology " Ethnobotany" : This will provide fundamental elements for fauna re-introduction. By re-establishing primary food sources the life cycle can be restructured. 

Location Shawlawa Village Site: Hammonds Meadow, Montecito Coastline Bluffs • Santa Barbara CA

• Redevelopment of primary natural watersheds: This provides needed nourishment for fauna and flora ecology.

Locations starting with the documented Chumash Village sites along the Gaviota Coast.


• Land, Coastlines , creeks and wetlands restoration:  Clean-up through the removal of public trash and synthetic pollutants 

Earth Stewardship 

Indigenous Earth stewardship is a concept based in holistic understanding of balance between humans and the rest of creation. Prehistoric times indigenous populations lived in accordance to the balance of resources within given geographical regions. This accord was the result of natural cosmological law and human intervention. When population densities increased natural resources increased or populations were scaled back by natural law. Thousands of years of this personal relationship created a deep understanding of harmony with all creation. In Resent times un-natural population densities and synthetic pollution’s have created devastating imbalances between humans and the rest of creation. In order to re-establish and maintain the proper balance, institutionalized methods of education ritual practice and practical methods of land conservation needs assertion.

• Indigenous Earth Stewardship 101 • Habitat Monitoring • Creek and Wetlands Clean-up • Indigenous plant restoration • Cultural ResponseProtocals • Waste Management Techniques • Reuse, Recycle, Restore and Renew • Chumash Plant Knowledge • Ethnobotany


Re-establish and facilitate Chumash traditional villages , land preserves and introduce indigenous land stewardship programs along the Gaviota Coast.

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