Characterizing  Cultural and Sensitive Landscapes for Resource Preservation and Protection:

The Eco-Guardians are stewards of the land who live accordingly to the laws of nature who have been trained with basic Native American survival skills and knowledge of the local flora and fauna conditions.


They monitor our sensitive habitats and waterways to restore balance and keep harmony with all relations. The Eco-Guardians will help introduce land and sea stewardship programs and water security resolutions including adoption of water principles and a water protection policy prepared with the local community.


Documenting cultural and environmental  important areas

Eco-Guardians Society would like to develop along with the input from our local public community to draft “A Clean Water Act Permit”. That includes the following:









• To ban the use of plastic bags and to help enact a state wide trash policy, for implementation of water reclamation projects and adoption of water efficiency and conservation measures.

• To document and define cultural and environmental important areas.

• To protect and restore native and endangered species

• To protect drinking water sources  

• To prevent unsustainable developments  

• To ensure the protection of Chumash burials, sacred sites, and resources vital to the Chumash people and the environment.


"Keep it in the ground and get the frack out of here" -Apanish Foundation 


Re-establish and facilitate Chumash traditional villages , land preserves and introduce indigenous land stewardship programs along the Gaviota Coast.

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