Environmental and Cultural Literacy

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We create a healthy and creative environment to interact and share ideas with others based on common interests like conservation, cultural heritage and the environment.


The Alpanish Foundation will be developing original content and author a series of environmental/cultural heritage articles, publications, blogs and videos. 

Print & Publishing 

• Pamphlets, Booklets and Publications

• Chumash Earth Stewardship Companion Guide

• Maps and TextBook Supplementary Materials


Multimedia Presentation/Projection Theater

• Mobile RoadShow ( Projection Theater) for schools, events and festivals.

• Rich Media Public Art Display


• Public Service Announcements  Commercials

• Documentaries and short films

• YouTube and broadcast programming

Electronic Media

• Social Networking Outreach campaign

• Blogs

• Mobile Apps-Environmental Monitoring

Original Content Development  

• Stories 

• Screenplays and scripts 

• Native Scientific/Geographical 

• Cultural History 

• Indigenous Guide Books - Wisdom Knowledge 

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Storytelling a way of life:


" Since time and memorial Native American people have been telling stories. oral tradition was the first form of theater, the village/camp fire was the our stage. Today the fire has transform into the movie theater, television and electronic hand held devices. Electronic media has created a global community spread across multiple platforms. 

Media Development Cultural Preservation

The Apanish Foundation will partner with the best of breed media developers to establish a world-class Media devision.


Preservation of Culture & Landscape A major goal is to preserve the culture land and scape – by direct documentation and oral narrative using Apanish's Media Development resources and personnel.  

Media Partnership Network  


Advanced Media Training:

To correct the deficit of Native American representation in world media, it’s not enough simply to possess tools of production; it’s also necessary to know how to use these tools for storytelling – whether narrative or documentary. The operation of media production tools – like carpentry tools – can be learned on a basic level in a matter of months. However, creating high end quality content requires far more extensive training and practice. Native American cultures have a rich tradition of apprenticeship and mastery of a wide range of arts and crafts. The IMV shall carry this tradition forward into advanced media production, by bringing together promising artist, storytellers and students from all Nations, with talented and experienced media professionals of both native and non-native ancestry.

Intertribal Media Village

The Intertribal Media Village will be both an extremely advanced production and post-production facility, as well as a very special, peaceful place for talented artists, technicians and business people to gather and work together, in an environment of focused concentration, inspiration, and spirituality. The IMV will employ the latest all-digital media technologies to develop a broad range of content – primarily on Environmental and Native American themes – ranging from low-budget, high-quality ethnographic and cultural preservation projects – to higher-budget narrative and documentary features, intended for distribution in the consumer market.

Looking towards the future

“If Native Americans are to enjoy the nuanced, complex characterizations and cultural depictions enjoyed for decades by White America – and more recently by Black America – then Native Americans must invest in their own sophisticated media production tools – and ultimately their own distribution systems as well.” 

NativeFlix is a unique online streaming media service offered by Amerind Media Group, a content aggregator owned and operated by Indigenous filmmakers based in Hollywood, CA. Our library includes critically acclaimed feature films, television series, and documentaries about Indigenous people from around the World. Our strategy is simple – assemble the largest library of indigenous related entertainment and provide it in a convenient fashion at affordable prices to the device of your choice.