Gaviota Coast Land Owner Legacy Project 

Royal Rancho "Dos Pueblos"

Ranch Owners The Schutle Foundation


In June 2017 Pablo Schulte invites Marissa Velez and Aleqwel Mendoza to The Ranch were Marissa's family and ancestors lived for thousands of years. 


The Apanish Foundation is discussing sponsorship and partnerships to secure coastal land grants and parcels acquisitions for cultural revitalization, preservation and stewardship of or waterways.  We will call upon "all our relations" to reach our goals and become the care takers and stewards of one of our most valued treasures the Gaviota coast.

"Dos Pueblos and Naples are historically one, inseparable, and imbued with profound spiritual significance to the Chumash people and my family linage.”  - Paul Pommier Great Grandson of Chief Beato Temicucat

Dos Pueblos Ranch Beach 2017: Pablo Schute recieving a Abolone pendant gift from Aleqwel; Honoring new relations ceremony Dos Pueblos Ranch

Dos Pueblos Ranch Beach 2017: Marissa Velez, Pablo Schulte and Aleqwel Mendoza

Marissa Velez's Chumash Lineage to Chief Beato Temicucat of Mikiw and Kuyamu Villages ( Dos Pueblos Ranch