The Apanish Foundation will be supporting local kids educational programs and public schools along with introducing the Eco-Guardians Society. The Eco-Guardians are members and volunteers who have completed our Earth Stewardship training programs. 

Land And Sea Stewardship

“creating earth stewardship partnerships with local schools and communities”



Earth stewardship is a concept based in holistic understanding of balance between humans and the rest of creation.


The Eco-Guardians are stewards of the land who live accordingly to the laws of nature who have been trained with basic survival skills and knowledge of the local flora and fauna conditions.

In contrast to previous age-specific generations, like the ‘Me Generation, Generation X or Generation Y, this new generation comprises globally connected and like-minded individuals using technology to harness their collective beliefs – regardless of age or geographic location.

The Apanish foundation will be hosting Chumash social, political, economical and ceremonial events.  


" It takes a village  to raise a child "